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Successful massage therapy consists of more than simple rubbing and pressure; it requires precise technique, exhaustive practice, and extreme discipline. If you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, or other types of muscle pain, select only the best deep tissue massage in Boynton Beach, FL. Hands of Life Massage Center employs a wide range of methods to better suit your unique physical needs. Whether you wish to relieve acute pain or improve posture, my services will grant you extraordinary relief.

Swedish Massage - $69
Deep Tissue Massage - $79

Deep tissue massage incorporates intense, focused pressure and can sometimes involve a little pain to evoke lasting relaxation. My ultimate goal is to alleviate tense muscles, a task which is much easier said than done. Many times, pain will present in a part of the body that is in fact not tense at all. The muscles causing the discomfort are located elsewhere and will elude the untrained eye. That is where trigger point therapy proves invaluable. By targeting trigger points, corresponding areas of the body are relaxed.

For instance, strain in the back can lead to soreness in the neck, which can further extend to the head. Rather than massaging all the affected areas, trigger point therapy relies on isolated pressure and release to treat the root of physical discomfort. An alternative technique is myofascial release, a soft tissue therapy that restores movement and circulation to tightened muscles and other vital tissues. This approach is more direct than trigger point therapy, but it is just as effective when applied in the right situation.

Drop by Hands of Life Massage Center, and regain your sense of agency and control. Relieve your stressed muscles, and set your body back in motion.

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