Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology
Hands of Life is proud to provide its clientele with foot reflexology services. Modern medicine is a strong and effective means of dealing with most afflictions. However, there are some things modern medicine is not meant to treat. If your body and mind are in a particularly strange funk and you don’t want to take a pill full of words you can’t pronounce, or experience harmful side effects from prescription medications, foot reflexology is right for you!

Foot reflexology is a traditional and alternative medicinal practice. The explanations and benefits of foot reflexology are numerous, but there are two general goals in practicing reflexology. Firstly, it deals in balancing the flow of a person’s chi, the life energy found in every living person; in this case humans. Secondly, it deals with reducing a person’s stress or pain by relieving pressure in a person’s body. Applying pressure to certain areas of the feet affects corresponding areas of a person’s nervous system. When your nervous system is relieved of tension and properly balanced, you feel less pain and tension. In this way, reflexology is ideal for people who are sensitive to medication or have found a medication to be ineffective.

I have been a massage therapist for 18 years and I am happy to be able to take you on a journey through reflexology today; whatever the purpose of the session, I will make sure that your experience is beneficial. We must all be open-minded to improve our lives, this means trying new things, being adventurous and suspending our disbelief temporarily. Be open-minded and come to me for the best Foot reflexology in Boynton Beach, Fl., it will be an experience for you, like no other.

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