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Tense muscles can literally become a pounding headache. As a trained and educated massage therapist, I know that tensions headaches are not always what they seem. The common causes of migraines are dehydration, sleep deprivation, and stress. In this particular instance, many people misconstrue “stress” as a purely mental component due to the fact that it presents in the head. However, tension in the shoulders, neck, and back can negatively affect nerves in the brain and lead to intense, stubborn migraines.

The key traits that differentiate a migraine from a typical headache are the duration, strength, and related physical symptoms that accompany the pain. Many times, a person suffering from a migraine not only feels chronic pain in the head but in the surrounding muscles and tissues as well. In addition, this agonizing throbbing can cause disorientation and nausea. In this situation, it is extremely essential to relieve tension in the corresponding muscles to provide relief and restore physical well-being.

The study and application of reflexology is paramount in the treatment of migraine headaches. By directing concentrated force to a person’s hands and feet, I can trigger relaxation in the head, back, and shoulder area, thus relieving the true source of the pain. Not only will this treatment alleviate current discomfort, but it will also promote healthier nervous system functioning and decrease the likelihood and intensity of future migraines.

Rather than ingesting potent painkillers and exposing yourself to risky side-effects, opt for natural yet effective migraine therapy in Boynton Beach, FL. Hands of Life Massage Center is firmly dedicated to achieving wellness in a healthy manner−not a harmful one. Contact me today, and book an appointment to relieve that nagging tension headache. Clear your head, and liberate your body from constant ache and strain.

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