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Sometimes, relaxation only requires a delicate touch. For those who have recently suffered physical strain or injury, Swedish massage therapy is the proper treatment option for you. Essentially the opposite of deep tissue massage, Swedish therapy involves lighter rubbing to a generalized, non-specific area of the body. Nonetheless, it is a crucial approach meant to improve circulation, ease tension, increase blood oxygen flow, and promote greater flexibility.

Swedish Massage - $69
Deep Tissue Massage - $79

Damaged or injured muscles release harmful toxins that can have severe physical repercussions if exposure from them is prolonged for extended periods of time. Swedish therapy resolves this issue by encouraging muscle looseness and mobility, which can decrease muscle toxins. As the proprietor of the Hands of Life Massage Center, I know that relief is a vital indicator of physical wellness. Book your session today, and treat yourself to remarkably soothing Swedish therapy in Boynton Beach, FL.

As a licensed massage therapist, I am not content to only provide one type of assistance to one type of person. My services aim to satisfy diverse physical needs for a vast and varied clientele. For example, I offer prenatal and postpartum massages to mothers in need of non-invasive, natural pain relief. This technique is dramatically less risky than over-the-counter pain medications, and it is beneficial to both child and mother. I also provide chair massages for group parties seeking relaxation in a comfortable setting.

Pick up the phone, and call Hands of Life Massage Center to reserve my unique massage services. I promise to treat you with bountiful tenderness to promote maximum physical calmness.

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